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Bloody Men

Bloody men are like bloody buses –
You wait for about a year
And as soon as one approaches your stop
Two or three others appear.

You look at them flashing their indicators,
Offering you a ride.
You’re trying to read the destination,
You haven’t much time to decide.

If you make a mistake, there is no turning back.
Jump off, and you’ll stand there and gaze
While the cars and the taxis and lorries go by
And the minutes, the hours, the days.

~Wendy Cope~


Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live. Dalai Lama

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

Yesterday is but a dream. Tomorrow, a vision of hope. Look to this day for it is life.

Yesterday was the past, Tomorrow’s the future, Today’s a gift that’s why it’s the present.

The trials of today bring the rewards of tomorrow.

“I won’t think of it now,” she thought grimly, summoning up her old charm.  “I’ll go crazy if I think about losing him now.  I’ll think of it tomorrow.” Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind, an Epic story of love, war and struggle in the American south in the 1800s.

…………………”After all, tomorrow is another day.” Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind.


If You Look

If you look and find sorrow,
– it is because I sorrow.
For brothers and sisters lost…
For children slaughtered…
For mothers and fathers gone forever from my life…

If you look and find anger,
– it is because I am angry.
For brothers and sisters lost…
For children slaughtered…
For mothers and fathers gone forever from my life…

If you look and find confusion,
– it is because I am confused.
For brothers and sisters lost…
For children slaughtered…
For mothers and fathers gone forever from my life…

If you look and find wisdom,
– it is because I am wise.
For brothers and sisters lost…
For children slaughtered…
For mothers and fathers gone forever from my life…

If you look and find yourself,
– it is because we are not so different.
We’ve lost brothers and sisters lost…
We’ve lost our children…
We’ve lost our mothers and fathers…
If you look and find your soul,
– then carry me home inside of you.

~Meegan Ehrlich~

The Laws Of God, The Laws Of Man

The laws of God, the laws of man,
He may keep that will and can;
Not I: let God and man decree
Laws for themselves and not for me;
And if my ways are not as theirs
Let them mind their own affairs.
Their deeds I judge and much condemn,
Yet when did I make laws for them?
Please yourselves, say I, and they
Need only look the other way.
But no, they will not; they must still
Wrest their neighbor to their will,
And make me dance as they desire
With jail and gallows and hell-fire.
And how am I to face the odds
Of man’s bedevilment and God’s?
I, a stranger and afraid
In a world I never made.
They will be master, right or wrong;
Though both are foolish, both are strong.
And since, my soul, we cannot fly
To Saturn nor to Mercury,
Keep we must, if keep we can,
These foreign laws of God and man.

~A.E. Housman~

Atalanta in Calydon

An excerpt from the verse of Greek Style Drama…

Before the beginning of years
There came to the making of man
Time, with a gift of tears;
Grief, with a glass that ran;
Pleasure, with pain for leaven;
Summer, with flowers that fell;
Remembrance, fallen from heaven,
And madness risen from hell;
Strength without hands to smite;
Love that endures for a breath;
Night, the shadow of light,
And Life, the shadow of death.
~Algernon Charles Swinburne~

The Rosary Of My Tears

Some reckon their age by years,
Some measure their life by art;
But some tell their days by the flood of their tears,
And their lives by the moans of their heart.

The dials of earth may show
The length, not the depth, of years–
Few or many they come, few or many they go,
But time is best measured by tears.

Ah! not by the silver gray
That creeps through the sunny hair,
And not by the scenes that we pass on our way,
And not by the furrows the fingers of care

On forehead and face have made,–
Not so do we count our years;
Not by the sun of the earth, but the shade
Of our souls, and the fall of our tears.

For the young are oft-times old,
Though their brows be bright and fair;
While their blood beats warm, their hearts are cold–
O’er them the spring–but winter is there;

And the old are oft-times young
When their hair is thin and white;
And they sing in age, as in youth they sung,
And they laugh, for their cross was light.

But, bead by bead, I tell
The rosary of my tears;
From a cross to a cross they lead; ’tis well,
And they’re blessed with a blessing of tears.

Better a day of strife
Than a century of sleep;
Give me intead of a long stream of life
The tempests and tears of the deep.

A thousand joys may foam
On the billows of all the years;
But never the foam brings the lone back home,–
He reaches the haven through tears.

~Abram Joseph Ryan~


Today in  Rome, two former Popes were declared Saints. Karol Jozef Wojtyla, Pope  John Paul II, is credited with curing a French nun with Parkinson’s disease and a Costa Rican woman with an aneurysm in 2011. Angelo Roncalli, Pope John XXIII, is recognized for the 1966 healing of an Italian nun dying from a stomach hemorrhage…

…each human being – at every stage of existence, from conception to natural death – is endowed by the Creator with a sublime dignity that demands the greatest respect and vigilance on the part of individuals, communities, nations and international bodies.  ~Pope John Paul II~

His voice was a magnet but it was not that alone which drew the crowds from all over Cracow.  “It was because what he said was simple and easy to understand and because he said it with a blazing sincerity,” remembers a former parishioner.  “You could sense that he longed to take you by the hand and lead you to  God.  He didn’t see himself as a mediator between you and God, he just wanted to be able to put you right there in God’s presence.  You might say that he was a real shepherd.” ~Mary Craig~ Man from a Far Country,  a portrait of Pope John Paul II

Whenever he preached, the church was packed and overflowing into the aisles and into the street.  Students from the University made a point of getting to the church early so as to get a good seat near the pulpit.  He did not dazzle them with oratory, but he spoke straight to the heart of their situation.  “He told us to follow the Gospel message, and that nothing else mattered.  I learned from him,” a woman said, “that God doesn’t demand the impossible of us.  We do what we can and He accepts us.”  ~Mary Craig~ Man from a Far Country,  a portrait of Pope John Paul II.

Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.  ~Pope John XXIII~



A Prayer for the Lonely

When you’re lonely,
I wish you love.
When you’re down,
I wish you joy.
When you’re troubled,
I wish you peace.
When things are complicated,
I wish you simple beauty.
When things are chaotic,
I wish you inner silence.
When things look empty,
I wish you hope.

The Gift

What can I give you, my lord, my lover,
You who have given the world to me,
Showed me the light and the joy that cover
The wild sweet earth and the restless sea?

All that I have are gifts for your giving-
If I gave them again, you would find them old,
And your soul would weary of always living
Before the mirror my life would hold.

What shall I give you, my lord, my lover?
The gift that breaks the heart in me:
I bid you awake at dawn and discover
I have gone my way and left you free.

~Sara Teasdale~

Under The Mistletoe

I did not know she’d take it so,
Or else I’d never dared:
Although the bliss was worth the blow,
I did not know she’d take it so.
She stood beneath the mistletoes
So long I thought she cared;
I did not know she’d take it so,
Or else I’d never dared.

Countee Cullen

Paul Dobraszczyk

rag-picking history

Tdoo in Lesotho

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My favourites and it's an eclectic selection


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My favourites and it's an eclectic selection