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Life, believe, is not a dream
So dark as sages say;
Oft a little morning rain
Foretells a pleasant day.
Sometimes there are clouds of gloom,
But these are transient all;
If the shower will make the roses bloom,
O why lament its fall?
Rapidly, merrily,
Life’s sunny hours flit by,
Gratefully, cheerily,
Enjoy them as they fly!

What though Death at times steps in
And calls our Best away?
What though sorrow seems to win,
O’er hope, a heavy sway?
Yet hope again elastic springs,
Unconquered, though she fell;
Still buoyant are her golden wings,
Still strong to bear us well.
Manfully, fearlessly,
The day of trial bear,
For gloriously, victoriously,
Can courage quell despair!

~Charlotte Brontë~


The Flight of Youth

There are gains for all our losses,
There are balms for all our pain:
But when youth, the dream, departs,
It takes something from our hearts,
And it never comes again.
We are stronger, and are better,
Under manhood’s sterner reign:
Still we feel that something sweet
Followed youth, with flying feet,
And will never come again.
Something beautiful is vanished,
And we sigh for it in vain:
We behold it everywhere,
On the earth, and in the air,
But it never comes again.

~Richard Henry Stoddard~

What Have We Done Today?

We shall do much in the years to come,
But what have we done today?
We shall give out gold in a princely sum,
But what did we give today?
We shall lift the heart and dry the tear,
We shall plant a hope in the place of fear,
We shall speak the words of love and cheer,
But what did we speak today?

We shall be so kind in the after while,
But what have we done today?
We shall bring to each lonely life a smile,
But what have we brought today?
We shall give to truth a grander birth,
And to steadfast faith a deeper worth,
We shall feed the hungering souls of earth,
But whom have we fed today?

We shall reap such joys in the by and by,
But what have we sown today?
We shall build us mansions in the sky,
But what have we built today?
`Tis sweet in the idle dreams to bask;
But here and now, do we our task?
Yet, this is the thing our souls must ask,
What have we done today ?

~Nixon Waterman~

I’ve Learned

I’ve learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.
I’ve learned that we should be glad God doesn’t give us everything we ask for.
I’ve learned that money doesn’t buy class.
I’ve learned that it’s those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.
I’ve learned that under everyone’s hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.
I’ve learned that the Lord didn’t do it all in one day.
What makes me think I can?
I’ve learned that to ignore the facts does not change the facts.
I’ve learned. I’ve learned….That the less time I have to work, the more things I get done.

The Song Of The Dial

The Dial faced the summer sun,
The garden blossomed all around;
If happiness could bless a scene
I felt that here was holy ground;
Afar I heard the chime of bells,
And caught a glimpse of gleaming towers,
And all the while the Dial sang,
Until the dell with echoes rang,
“I only count the shining hours.”

And as the years go fleeting by,
And locks of brown are flecked with grey,
And shadows loom across the rim
Of what was once a perfect day,
There swings a cadence through my brain,
A cadence born of sun and flowers,
When all the dell enchanted rang
With that dear song the Dial sang:
“I only count the shining hours.”
~ Peter Airey ~

Which Is Me?

Within my earthly temple there’s a crowd:
There’s one of us that’s humble, one that’s proud,
There’s one that’s broken-hearted for his sins,
And one that unrepentant sits and grins,
There’s one that loves his neighbour as himself,
And one that cares for naught but fame and pelf.
For much perplexing care I would be free
If I could once determine which is me!

~Author unknown~
*Pelf is money gained in a dishonest way

The Power of the Word

Use soft words and hard arguments.

A tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart. Be careful with your words.

If you can make music with someone you don’t need words.

Children who hear acquire language without any particular effort; the words that fall from others’ lips they catch on the wing, as it were, delightedly, while the little deaf child must trap them by a slow and often painful process. But whatever the process, the result is wonderful. Gradually from naming an object we advance step by step until we have traversed the vast distance between our first stammered syllable and the sweep of thought in a line of Shakespeare. Helen Keller, The Story of My Life 1903

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny. Mahatma Ghandi

Words driving hard into the glass only hurt if the window is open. Michelle Szafer

In three words I can sum up everything about life, “it goes on!” Robert Lee Frost


This quotation is so good it deserves a post all to itself…
Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip. Winston Churchill


Mother Theresa cutting through the bullshit…

It’s we who, with our exclusion and rejecting, push our brothers and sisters to find refuge in alcohol and become drunks. They drink to forget the deprivation of their lives.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand.

Who Loves The Rain

Who loves the rain
And loves his home,
And looks on life with quiet eyes,
Him will I follow through the storm;
And at his hearth-fire keep me warm;
Nor hell nor heaven shall that soul surprise,
Who loves the rain,
And loves his home,
And looks on life with quiet eyes.

~Frances Shaw~

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My favourites and it's an eclectic selection


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