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The Sea Gypsy

I am fevered with the sunset,
I am fretful with the bay,
For the wander-thirst is on me
And my soul is in Cathay.

There’s a schooner in the offing,
With her topsails shot with fire,
And my heart has gone aboard her
For the Islands of Desire.

I must forth again to-morrow!
With the sunset I must be
Hull down on the trail of rapture
In the wonder of the sea.

~Richard Hovey~


Carry On!

They have not fought in vain, our dead
Who sleep amid the poppies red:
Their plea, attested with their blood,
By all the world is understood.

They fought for peace, as now do we;
Their conflict was for liberty,
For freedom from the blight of war—
And is that still worth fighting for?

We strive no longer men in arms;
We fight not, stirred by war’s alarms:
We vow to seal our broken past
With fellowship and friendship fast.

By those who faced the battling years
Let earth forget her warlike fears,
That Freedom, idol of our sires,
May pledge to all her sacred fires.

~Thomas Curtis Clark~

Beyond the Horizon

When men go down to the sea in ships,
‘Tis not to the sea they go;
Some isle or pole the mariners’ goal,
And thither they sail through calm and gale,
When down to the sea they go.

When souls go down to the sea by ship,
And the dark ship’s name is Death,
Why mourn and wail at the vanishing sail?
Though outward bound, God’s world is round,
And only a ship is Death.

When I go down to the sea by ship,
And Death unfurls her sail,
Weep not for me, for there will be
A living host on another coast
To beckon and cry, “All hail!”

~Robert Freeman~

Men Have Forged

He wrote in the sand … the wind-blown sands
And the woman wept afresh,
But not a stone from the hundred hands
Was cast to bruise her flesh.

Not a deadly missile was sent
And the mob in twos and fours
Dispersed and down the street they went
Or gossiped in the doors.

The brave Christ blotted out the sign
Of all her sin and lust;
Obliterated each thin line
Traced in the roadside dust.

Later such mobs used spears to kill:
Lances and spikes and gall—
A wooden cross on a lonely hill
With a black sky over all.

But men have forged these modern days
New things for bringing pain
And they are skilled in all the ways
To grave sins deep and plain.

They cut their neighbor’s faults in flint,
Never in drifting silt,
And how they love the tinny glint
Of scabbard and of hilt.

~Jay G. Sigmund~


Once riding in old Baltimore,
Heart-filled, head-filled with glee,
I saw a Baltimorean
Keep looking straight at me.

Now I was eight and very small,
And he was no whit bigger,
And so I smiled, but he poked out
His tongue, and called me, ‘Nigger.’

I saw the whole of Baltimore
From May until December;
Of all the things that happened there
That’s all that I remember.

~Countee Cullen~

May Day

March winds, April showers, bring forth May flowers.
May is the month of flowers in which Spring’s gradual progress is brought to its final climax. Every where the scent of flowers in profusion fills the air.

May Day
A delicate fabric of bird song
Floats in the air,
The smell of wet wild earth
Is everywhere.

Red small leaves of the maple
Are clenched like a hand,
Like girls at their first communion
The pear trees stand.

Oh I must pass nothing by
Without loving it much,
The raindrop try with my lips,
The grass with my touch;

For how can I be sure
I shall see again
The world on the first of May
Shining after the rain?
~Sara Teasdale~


Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,
Were you spitted in vain on the tree of scorn?
The Pharisees still clamor in the pews.

Your flesh remembers every Roman bruise;
Your brow enshrines the scar of Judah’s thorn,
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Hearken, O Savior, I have brought you news,
Arise in holy anger Easter morn,
The Pharisees still clamor in the pews,

And strut beneath their iridescent hues
While Satan wears the robe which should adorn
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

With solemn guile, the devil spins a ruse
For vain and rich. Let Gabriel sound his horn,
The Pharisees still clamor in the pews,

The Publican afar off wipes his shoes
Upon the doormat, puzzled and forlorn;
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,
The Pharisees still clamor in the pews.

~Aloysius Michael Sullivan~

I Have A Bird In Spring

I have a Bird in spring
Which for myself doth sing —
The spring decoys.
And as the summer nears —
And as the Rose appears,
Robin is gone.

Yet do I not repine
Knowing that Bird of mine
Though flown —
Learneth beyond the sea
Melody new for me
And will return.

Fast is a safer hand
Held in a truer Land
Are mine —
And though they now depart,
Tell I my doubting heart
They’re thine.

In a serener Bright,
In a more golden light
I see
Each little doubt and fear,
Each little discord here

Then will I not repine,
Knowing that Bird of mine
Though flown
Shall in a distant tree
Bright melody for me

~ Emily Dickinson~


Do not fear
And do not grieve for me,
I shall not die:
I am like the forest oak
That summer suns have seasoned;
My body will be a little heap of ash
Upon the hearth,
But I shall rise in flame,
In flame that leaps and soars
And seeks the stars.

Do not fear
And do not weep, my dear,
When Death stoops down to light the fire.
~Jean Grigsby Paxton~

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m a little late with this one…

May the love you share on Mother’s day
Reflect God’s love for you
And may he keep you always in his care
And all your loved ones too.
May peace and joy and happiness
Be always in your heart
For these are blessings God has given
For Mothers to impart.

Paul Dobraszczyk

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My favourites and it's an eclectic selection


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