An excerpt from the book “Country Seasons” by Philip Clucas in regard to the British seasons…

November marks the Celtic “Samain”, a month long associated with the cult of the dead. In pagan times, massive bonfires were lit to ensure the sun’s safe return after winter death: they believed that as the flames licked into the sky, the Sun-God grew stronger, It was a month when all natural laws were suspended, and spirits, ghost and demons roamed.

The glinting sparkle of November’s spider webs and the crunch of frosty ground are comparable with any of natures’ past glories.

Nature is unforgiving; she will not agree to withdraw her flowers, her music, her scents or her rays of light before the abominations of man. Victor Hugo

Each nightfall seemed to come earlier than the one of the previous short day. It spread out into the streets and alleys like a bruise. The Man From The Creeks, Robert Kroetsch